New Official LOST Video!

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See the brand new LOST video from Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse that made its surprise debut at Comic-Con.

[Via ABC]

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VIDEOS: Damon Lindelof Talks LOST, Bad Robot & More

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Watch more videos after the jump.
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LOST’s Ricardo Alpert in RINGER Poster

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[Via Entertainment Weekly]

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Jorge Garcia: “Don’t go to ‘Alcatraz’ looking for LOST”

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THR: How does Alcatraz differ from Lost?
Garcia: I believe I’m going to be a lot less sweaty! There are no planes crashing and it’s not in the jungle! [Laughs.] I play a historian/comic book guy/Alcatraz expert. You don’t want people to hunt to try and find what the next Lost is anymore. Let Lost be Lost and now find what Alcatraz is. Don’t chase Lost; love it and put it to bed. You can bring out the DVDs whenever you want but don’t go to Alcatraz looking for Lost. There may be some elements that will remind you since it comes from the same family but it’s going to be it’s own thing.

Click here to read the complete interview.

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VIDEO: ‘Ugly Americans’ Mocks LOST

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Watch the video below:

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Watch LOST’s Terry O’Quinn In New, Mysterious ‘Mission Icefly’ Video

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I honestly have no idea what this viral marketing campaign is about, but it’s getting quite interesting.


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Matthew Fox Drops Out Of ‘World War Z’

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Via Vulture:

Bad news for Paramount Pictures: Despite previous reports, Vulture hears that that neither Matthew Fox nor Ed Harris will be starring in the studio’s zombie-pocalypse thriller, World War Z. Fox has a scheduling conflict stemming from his prior commitment to star in I, Alex Cross with Tyler Perry at Summit Entertainment; less clear is why the Harris deal didn’t make. (Last week, word came that the four-time Oscar nominee would star in Beth Henley’s Pulitzer-winning play The Jacksonian, but that doesn’t start performances until next February at L.A.’s Geffen Playhouse.) The actors had smaller roles in the Brad Pitt flick, but with the movie already in production in Malta, the filmmakers are scrambling to recast, having actors read in both London and Los Angeles.

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LOST’s Jack Bender Joins ‘Alcatraz’

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Via THR:

Jack Bender is continuing his long-standing relationship with J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions, signing on to Fox’s upcoming mystery drama Alcatraz.

From executive producer Abrams and writer/exec producer Liz Sarnoff, Alcatraz revolves around the famed San Francisco prison and the police team investigating the mysterious reappearance of its 1960s inhabitants in the present.

Bender, repped by UTA, will executive produce and direct episodes of the series, from Warner Bros. Television, Bad Robot and Bonanza Productions.

Bender’s credits also include Abrams’ Lost, Alias and Felicity. This past pilot season, he directed Fox’s Weekends at Bellevue, the Lauren Ambrose starrer that did not get picked up at Fox.

Alcatraz exec producers also include Abrams, Sarnoff, Bryan Burk (Lost). Co-executive producers are Steve Lilien (Kyle XY) and Bryan Wynbrandt (Kyle XY), who both penned the pilot with Sarnoff.

Sarah Jones (Sons of Anarchy) stars as Rebecca Madsen, a detective who discovers a brutal murder was committed by a former Alcatraz prisoner who died decades ago. Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) as government agent Emerson Hauser and former Lost star Jorge Garcia plays Dr. Diego Soto, an Alcatraz expert and comic book fan who helps Madsen with her case. Parminder Nagra (ER) co-stars as Lucy Banerjee, a technician who works with Hauser.

Alcatraz will premiere midseason on Fox.

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