LOST’s Terry O’Quinn Is The Star Of The Internet’s Latest Viral Campaign

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Via Collider:

At this year’s Bonnaroo Music Festival, one of the things that I heard was very cool was right before Arcade Fire performed, people said it was raining blue light from the sky.  When I heard about it, I figured most of my friends were wasted and it was a plane overheard that was blinking a blue light. However, the other day I received a package and it had a flash drive and a few other things.  The items had a link to testsubjectsneeded.com and one of them had “Mission Icefly” written on the side of it.
When I put the flash drive in my computer, I noticed it had a video.  It starts with a sign for Bonnaroo and then it shows people reacting to what I’d heard about.  As the video ends, it has a link to missionicefly.com.  However, shortly after the link, the video goes black and then after a few seconds, a very short message appears.  While I can’t make out what is said, I did notice the person talking is Terry O’Quinn (Lost).

Links: Testsubjectsneeded.com | Missionicefly.com

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Terry O’Quinn Plays Guitar on WGN9 News & Teases Future Projects with JJ Abrams on 97.9 ‘The Loop’

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Terry O’Quinn had a busy morning. He and his brother, Thomas Quinn, were interviewed on the radio show ‘The Loop’ where they talked about LOST and Thomas’ new film, Using. At the end of the conversation Terry hinted that he and JJ Abrams “have plans” for future projects. You can listen to the interview below, courtesy of .


Terry also appeared live on WGN Morning News to talk about LOST, promote his brother’s film, answer fans’ questions and even play some guitar!


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Ex Fragilitate Fortis: The Culture and Faith of John Locke by Pearson Moore

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“Psyche profiles said you would be amenable for coercion.”

Deputy Sheriff Eddie Colburn was matter-of-fact in his delivery, and his words were in accord with everything we understood of the man.  He trusted Anthony Cooper and lost a kidney, then his self-respect, and finally his ability to walk.  He trusted Benjamin Linus, and received in payment for his good faith a brutal strangulation by electric power cable.  “Amenable to coercion” was a polite way of stating the obvious:  John Locke was gullible.

He cried tears of frustration and disappointment, shouted and railed against Jack, against Ben, against the Island.  He had faith and courage, but at critical moments doubt and fear overwhelmed him.  When the world was against him, he planned and nearly executed his own demise.  He gave up.


In the ordinary world, John Locke was a nobody.  Not a single person, other than his most vociferous enemy, grieved his passing.  He was a noisy, ignorant, gullible fool.  But that was the reality of the ordinary world, the fragmented, incomplete reality of a world consumed with buying and selling, wealth and power, human creations over divine beings.

The attributes we consider weaknesses were John Locke’s strengths.  The world’s measure of John Locke was flawed, warped, inhuman and insane.  The Island’s measure of the man was true:  Gullibility meant trust; tears meant unwillingness to accept setbacks.  And his greatest failure, his inability to convince even one of the Six to return, proved instead to be his greatest strength.

LOST was about our humanity, and the story’s natural narrator was its strongest and most faithful voice:  Prince of the Island, Man of Faith, John Locke.

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Terry O’Quinn, Michael Emerson & Elizabeth Mitchell React To Emmy Nominations

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Terry O’Quinn:

It’s always great to be recognized for one’s work, and when friends are included in the recognition, it’s even better. With all the ‘LOST’ nominations, it’s almost as though the winning (or not winning) will be anti-climactic. I’m happy as can be for Matthew, and the only thing I can imagine that would be better than being nominated in the same category as Michael Emerson would be if the Emmy voters would be so kind as to let us win together, thank you very much……..but in truth, I feel as though they already have.

Elizabeth Mitchell:

I’m shocked. And so happy. I loved Juliet so much. The nomination is a wonderful way to say goodbye.

Michael Emerson:

I’m delighted at the broad recognition that “Lost” has received this year and am thrilled to be able to share the excitement with my cast mates. I’m also ecstatic that my wife Carrie’s show, “True Blood,” received a nomination–we’re both looking forward to the party in August.

[Via & E!Online]

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Born on the First of July: Canada, Culture, and Cunning in LOST by Pearson Moore

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Her politicians are unknown outside her borders.  Her history is subdued; even the most jarring social movement of the last two hundred years is called the “Quiet” Revolution.  But her culture?

Hockey.  Mounties.  Maple Syrup.  Molson Dry.  We know her culture.

If we know her culture, we must know her citizens.  Constable Benton Fraser, Dudley Do-Right, Sergeant Bruce, and Sam Steele taught us.  Canadians are decent, polite, trustworthy.   When Australian farmer Ray Mullen found a vagabond woman sleeping in his sheep barn he was understandably suspicious.  “You’re an American.”  Not a question, but a statement.  Only Americans could be so disrespectful.  The woman shook her head.  “Canadian,” she said, correcting him.  “I graduated from college and figured I’d see the world.”  Her declaration of Canadian citizenship changed everything.  Now she was a good neighbour, fellow citizen of a Commonwealth country.  She was Canadian.  She was decent, polite, trustworthy.  He believed her immediately.  How could he not?  Annie was a fine young woman from a fine country.  Ray knew he could trust her with his money, with his farm, with his very life.  What could possibly go wrong?

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The Measure of an Island: Unifying the Cultural, Mythical, and Emotional Aspects of LOST by Pearson Moore

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Did Jack Shephard’s death have meaning?

I believe we might answer this question with any of four different responses.  First, some may agree with the Man in Black:  Jack’s death had no meaning because the Island has no value.  It’s “just a damn island”.  Second, a few might say Jack’s death meant something to him, but not to anyone else.  Maybe the Island was more than “just a damn island” or maybe not, but in the end, it was not worth sacrificing a life.  On the other hand, some may contend Jack’s death was meaningful precisely because he achieved his life’s goal, regardless of any value that may attach to the Island.

I believe the fourth possible response is the one most of us would offer:  Jack’s death had meaning because the Island has intrinsic value.

An analysis of the question will reveal that Jack’s death was the dénouement for the cultural and mythical facets of LOST, and was the only conceivable segue to the emotional catharsis inside the church.  In Jack’s death LOST brings the plot to its natural conclusion, unifying every aspect of culture, mythos, and character, and ensures LOST’s value as enduring literary masterpiece.

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Humanitas Insulae: The Culture of LOST by Pearson Moore

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A single question fascinated us for six years.

One question, posed over six seasons, in each of 121 episodes, in thousands of scenes, the query was always the same.   Thirty-five characters tried to answer the question; twenty-one of them died in the attempt.

The scope was measured not in years but in millennia, not in lives lost but in the hundreds of souls sacrificed.  Time itself had no meaning, for those asking the question and seeking the answer could move about unrestrained by the forward march of the clock.  Each character formed the question into unique words.  For Pierre Chang, the question centred around the origin of exotic matter.  Charles Widmore wondered how the place might be exploited.   The question in its most essential form was simple:

What is this Island?

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So You Could Find One Another: Cultural Perfections in LOST 6.17-6.18 “The End” by Pearson Moore

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This analysis is for Ree Hines.

I write this for everyone disappointed, angered, or confused.

You invested six years.  Give it one more shot.  Watch the finale again; you’ll thank yourself for the effort.  Enlightenment may not require a punch in the face or renewed sense in legs once dead, but it does require careful thought.  Enlightenment was not intended for the already-dead inhabitants of the sideways purgatory.  It was intended for us.  For the thirty millions around the world, most of whom sacrificed a Monday morning to experience the end.

Give it one more shot.  If anyone should be disappointed in the ending, it’s Pearson Moore.  Not one of my grand predictions proved correct.  But I can tell you this, after a third viewing:

LOST is the greatest piece of fiction ever presented on television.

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