Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse on the End of LOST

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Vulture: In last week’s episode, why didn’t Sun tell Jin to leave her so he could raise their daughter?
Lindelof: That’s a great question. And our only answer for it is that Sun only had about 30 seconds to process the fact that she was going to die. Sun and Jin never had a relationship together with that daughter. Sun had a relationship with her, but Jin did not — she was just a picture on a phone to him. In that moment, she did not tell Jin to leave her side. Partially, in that moment, maybe there was a part of her that wanted him to stay with her. Who knows? We’re not really willing to say why characters don’t say certain things in certain moments. All we can say is: She did not say that. We did not want that scene to be about their daughter, we wanted it to be about them reuniting.

It was announced that the finale is going to be extended an extra half-hour, for a total of two and a half hours. Did that come from you or the network?
Cuse: Damon and I wrote the script and we were gently told by the network that they thought it was big. And we were like, “No, no, we’ll be able to get this all in there.” But we really wrote the script the way we wanted the script to be. Normally in television, you’re trying to execute a clear decision within a very specific guideline — which is the running time of a one-hour episode. We really just sort of decided, “Let’s not worry too much about that, let’s just write the best version of the finale and we will figure out in post the time issue.” And when we finally saw a cut of the whole thing together, we were like, “This thing will not be as good in a two-hour running time.” We went to the network and said, “You know what? You guys are right, this thing is a little bit long and we think we can deliver you a much better version of it that’s two-and-a-half-hours long.” And they were totally supportive. They rearranged the schedule in order to give us a two-and-a-half-hour airing slot. We feel really excited about it; we think the finale is going to be so much better for that. It will really feel like a feature film.

Click here to read the full interview (contains minor spoilers about tonight’s episode).

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The Day the Music Died: LOST 6.14 “The Candidate” Recap and Analysis by Chris Kirkman

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Previously, on Lost: I have no idea, because Christian Shephard didn’t say those magical words and fill me in. It’s okay, though, I’ve been paying attention. Mostly.

This week, on Lost: Everybody dies. Well, not everybody. I’m sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. Oh, and did I give something away? Well, if you haven’t seen the episode yet, why are you reading? You can’t blame me for that.

Anyway, before we can get on with the death and dismemberment, we have to start with an eye – Locke’s to be exact. AlternaLocke, to be even more exact. We’re in LA X, and AlternaJack is there, waking Locke up and making sure he’s okay. Jack tells Locke that he got mangled by a rented sedan and that his dural sac was all shot to shit, but Jack rooted around in there and now Locke is all better. Jack says that while he was taking a peek under the hood, he saw the damage that had been done to Locke before and wants to know how it all happened. Locke asks why, and Jack explains that Locke is a candidate – a candidate for a new experimental surgery that could restore feeling to Locke’s lower extremities. Hell, Locke might even be able to walk again, all without the aid of the Island.

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Daniel Dae Kim Talks About Last Night’s Episode

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WARNING: stop reading this if you haven’t watched last night’s episosde.

Kristin Dos Santos: Thank you. And damn you. That was the most heartbreaking death scene we’ve ever had on Lost.
DDK: [Laughs.] I’ll take that as a huge compliment. I thought it was done in a way that was really poetic. The thing I loved most about it for Jin is that he actually chose to die, for the love of his life, and that to me shows how far he’s come as a character from the pilot.

And yet I have to ask about Jin’s motivations. Obviously he really loved Sun, but how do you justify in your own mind that Jin would stay with Sun, knowing that he was orphaning his daughter Ji Yeon?
That’s an excellent point. I can tell you that we received [new script] pages as we were shooting the episode that added a scene in the bear cages where Jin asks what happened to Ji Yeon. And you hear Jin asking Sun who’s taking care of the girl. And so that was deliberately put in there so that he would know that she wasn’t completely an orphan. Also, in the sub, there’s a moment that’s not scripted where I looked away from Sun toward the door and I wondered, “Should I go?” That was my moment for Ji Yeon. I thought to myself, “Can I do this?” But the decision I made at that point was that even if I tried to leave I wouldn’t have made it, because I had no oxygen and the submarine was so far under water. All I can say is that I’m sure Damon and Carlton took the concern of Ji Yeon to heart when they wrote the episode.

Can you confirm that that was you (Jin) walking behind Jack and Locke in the hospital? And that we’ll see Jin and Sun again on the show somehow?
Yes and yes.

How did you feel when you found out Jin would die? Obviously given that Sun and Jin just reunited, this really put the fans through the ringer.
It was a two-step process for us. I was told that my character was dying a week before the script came out. So I didn’t know any of the details of how he was going to die. When I read the script, I was relieved that it was given its proper weight, and I really appreciated that other characters took the time to mourn their deaths. That to me was very important. I didn’t want their deaths to exist in a vacuum. And to show Kate, Hurley and Jack breaking down, that was a big factor in making sure our deaths meant something. And for people who were unsatisfied with how Jin and Sun were reunited, they now know why it wasn’t as momentous as they’d hoped, because the writers wanted to give more weight to this scene.

Click here to read the full interview.

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LOST Actors & Creators Discuss Last Night’s Shocking Episode

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WARNING: Do NOT read this article if you haven’t watched last night’s episode.

To be clear, the producers are not heartless bastards. They’re only semi-heartless bastards. They knew fans would be devastated (and angry) about the deaths and were pretty broken up themselves about offing three beloved creations. “When we watched the death scenes ourselves, it was brutal,” says Cuse. “[But] the story always comes first.” Lindelof elaborates: “In many ways, the season was structured as a long con on behalf of the Man In Black. Once we revealed that Locke was the Monster, we knew the audience would immediately mistrust him, and we would have to spend at least a dozen episodes of Locke trying to convince the audience that he did not have malevolent intention, that all he wanted to do was get off The Island. But everything he was doing was leading up to one moment, which was [trying to] get the candidates in one fell swoop. He knew if he killed just one of them, everyone would know what he was up to.’”

Says Cuse: “There will be very little debate at the end of this episode that [Fake Locke] is evil and bad and has to be stopped. The main narrative reason for him killing our main characters is to establish how much of a bad guy he is and to clearly identify him as the antagonist rolling into the end of the series.”

Lindelof recognizes that there’s something “brutal” about killing Jin and Sun just one episode after their long-awaited reunion — which, he says, is exactly what made the lovers such an apt choice for making a statement about Fake Locke’s malevolence. “At least they got to die in each other’s arms, so they’d have some sense of victory,” he says. And Sayid? Lindelof explains: “Sayid’s entire season-long arc has basically been, if you tell him that he is evil, you can convince him he is evil. But if you tell him he is good, maybe you can convince him he is good. We basically decided that in a moment of pure instinct, if he did something, if he sacrificed his own life in favor of saving the other people’s lives, that would convey to the audience, ‘This guy was actually a good guy.’”

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Daniel Dae Kim: “Sayid is the muscle, Jack is the head, Jin and Sun represent the heart.”

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TV.com has a new interview with Daniel Dae Kim:

TV.com: Are you satisfied with the way your character ends his run?

DDK: Yes. The things Jin got to do as a character, and the amount of growth and evolution he underwent, was really satisfying. No matter how the series ends, it will be a great ride for him.

How has your working relationship with Yunjin Kim developed over the six-season run?

Yunjin is one of the most professional actors I’ve ever worked with. She’s always on time and ready… no overly dramatic behavior. In the same way our characters have grown, we’ve grown. Any time you work with someone for as long as we have, a certain shorthand develops. We know what to expect when we step on the set with each other.

The show has had multiple opportunities to kill off your character…

[Laughs] O…kay?

No no, that’s definitely not a bad thing. It can happen to anyone on Lost. Why do you think Jin has stuck around? What does he bring to the show in this final season?

The best way I can put it is that the core characters represent parts of the body. Sayid is the muscle, Jack is the head, Jin and Sun represent the heart.

What parts of the body do Nikki and Paolo represent?

[Laughs] That’s a tough one. I really felt bad for the actors. No one is sure what to expect on the show. Sometimes you get happy endings like Michael Emerson, and other times you have a Nikki and Paolo situation.

Click here to read the full interview.

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Daniel Dae Kim Talks About Sun & Jin’s Reunion

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“Not only was the audience waiting for the reunion, but the actors were as well, and when it happened, it was significant for us,” Daniel says. “The one dynamic of that scene that we felt was interesting was that it happened amidst so many other people. (Indeed, besides Charles Widmore’s crew of baddies, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and Claire were looking on.)

“It didn’t happen where Sun and Jin were alone somewhere; it was in the middle of a lot of chaos, and I thought to myself, ‘That would not be as I would have envisioned it’,” admits Daniel. “I would have thought they would have been able to reunite in private.”

But once on set to shoot the scene, Kim reconsidered his initial critique when he saw the emotional scene play out amongst his co-stars. “On the day, I realized it was important to see other characters’ reactions to these two lovers re-finding one another,” Daniel tells me. “It added an interesting dynamic because so much of what happens between Sun and Jin also effects the other characters on the show, andI hope that added to the significance and impact of the scene.”

“One of the best things with this show is that just when you feel like you can rest, the writers find another clever plot twist to throw in,” notes Daniel. “The drama of their story is not necessarily over.”

[Via TV Guide Magazine]

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LOST Episode 6.13 – Sneak Peek #2

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Here’s a second clip from next week’s episode.

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Mirror, Mirror

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All the mirror scenes from Season 6 so far.

[Via Bamtan]

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